03 November, 2010

I joined Flickr!!

I know, most of you are probably astonished that there are people out there who don't have Flickr accounts.  Well, now I have one and even better, I know the purpse and how to use it! (I know, loser right?)  Yes, a decade later I have finally joined the rest of my generation in the 21st century and I must say it feels pretty good. 
Arriving at Flickr did initially overwhelm me because of how wordy it appeared to be--at least at Creative Commons.  Reading through the various liscensing was useful since now I understand the agreements put forth by fellow members. 
The attribution liscense allows members to view, copy, display, (and derivative works) to pictures as long as they're provided the credit they deserve for the art that has been created.  No derivative works is the same as an attribution liscense in that members may do what they wish with the picture with the exception of creating a derivative of the original.  Attribution, noncommercial, no derivative works is another combination; as the name indicates the attribution and no derivative works liscenses are added to one which limits the use of the photos to noncommerical use.  (We can also combine noncommercial and attribution liscenses; I know its starting to get overwhelming) The final term to be aware of is share alike; all this means is that the photos are available for members to create derivatives and then are permitted to distribute them but only under the circumstances that the liscenses are exact between the members.  Attribution and share alike can be combined as can attribution, share alike and noncommercial.
It appears that there are many terms to be familiar with but I believe that it only protects us as users.  Following these conditions we are able to keep memories to ourselves or share artwork with the entire Flickr community.  I mean look at this beautiful moonscape! It would really be a shame if John Johnston did not receive credit for this photograph. 
Thank you to Flickr for granting me access to such beautiful artwork that otherwise I would never had known existed!

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  1. Your post about creative commons is well done.

    However, I think that next time you should try to use a larger print on the photo so the attribution can be seen better. I think that is an option.