04 November, 2010

great tool for the classroom!!

Big Huge Labs provides limitless options for educators to include in this creative tool in the classroom.  I am primarily interested in ESL and how to best prepare this student population for American society.  As a result, I have read countless research articles and texts, many of which stress the fact that these students must feel comfortable, accepted and valued in the classroom. 

The Big Huge Labs homepage offers a direct link to motivational posters.  Pictures from facebook, Flickr and the computer you're working on at the moment can be uploaded onto this website for free; just like the membership.  There is one catch however, and that is the fact that in order to print out these creative pieces professionally, you have to pay a fee.  Since the company is willing to print them out and send them for the same price it works out well for those of us who do not have resources to generate them from home. 

What I would like to do for my classroom is take photographs of the class; as a whole group, in pairs and in various group sizes I feel would be best.  Ideally, but entirely dependent upon the students' English language proficiency, I would like the students to brainstorm and collaborate on inspirational phrases.  Using the students' pictures and texts to create motivational texts to plaster all over the walls I feel would greatly increase their feelings of comfort, acceptance and hopefully make them feel valued.

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  1. Don't forget that many of the Big Huge Labs objects like the movie poster, magazine cover and comic strips can be displayed online. That way they are free!

    Dr. Burgos